Counseling and psychotherapy are terms which are often used interchangably. They indicate a professional helping relationship having to do with personal problems, ranging from adjustment issues to more serious mental health concerns. Counseling and psychotherapy can, however, be used to indicate different aspects of this helping relationship.

Counseling is a way of helping persons in need through supportive interventions that seek to bring about a better adjustment to life challenges. Counseling typically uses such modalities as cognitive (thinking and awareness) and behavioral interventions and empathic support to assist the client in dealing with interpersonal and mood (anxiety and depression) issues, as well as crisis and other issues having to do with change.

Counseling is often short term, though it can be longer, and seeks to bring about better life skills and ways of dealing with personal problems. As a counselor trained in a variety of counseling methods, I would be happy to discuss the different counseling options available to you.

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