Depth Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy involves the person in a process of positive change and development. Who we are, our personality, stems from the past, exists in the present, and tends towards a future. The patterns and structures that make up the personality are open to growth and further development through psychotherapy.

Therapy on this level can also referred to as depth psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. While these terms may seem esoteric or intimidating, they can be conducted in a way which is as down to earth and collaborative as counseling. They refer to a process of change, healing, repair of the self and growth which is, in fact, rooted in neuroscience.

Whether the helping relationship goes more in the direction of counseling or psychotherapy depends upon what you desire and need at a particular time in your life. I am trained in both counseling and psychotherapeutic modalities and would be happy to discuss these different ways of getting help with you.

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