Integrative Approach

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer an integrated approach which is responsive to my clients individual needs; the purpose of any counseling or psychotherapeutic method is to help you attain the personal growth and healing for which you are striving.

I specialize in using an integration of the following effective and well-respected methods of counseling and psychotherapy.

Cognitive and Behavioral : This approach addresses patterns of thinking, awareness and behavior that undermine and, in a sense, "short-circuit" well-being. Certain core beliefs and patterns of behavior (called "schemas" or "life scripts") can result in psychological difficulties, such as depression and anxiety. Evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling works to move the person to helpful and even life-giving ways of thinking, awareness and behavior.

Psychoanalytic : Human development results in certain patterns of attachment, relationship, and feeling. These internalized maps continue to affect one's life. This level of experience may be worked with in order to bring about real change in the person. Actually based in the neuroscience of the brain, this approach is psychoanalytic , in that it analyses in order to heal the psyche. This approach is also called psychodynamic because the psyche , the self of the person, dynamically changes for the better.

My clients have found this integrated approach extremely useful and able to address their diverse and individual needs.

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